Grant Resources

LMA Grant Writing for Municipalities Training

The Grant Writing for Municipalities program was created to help municipal employees with the fundamentals of grant information.  This program is available online through the LMA Grant Training Series and materials.

Grant Training Materials

These grant training materials where developed for the grant training workshops series.  In addition to the beginner, intermediate, and advanced grant training the LMA Grant Writing for Municipalities Handbook and CD is available upon request.  To request the entire Grant Writing for Municipalities handbook, grant application samples, and more, contact  
    LMA Beginners Grants Training Slides

    LMA Intermediate Grants Training Slides
    LMA Advanced Grants Training Slides

    LMA Grant Writing for Municipalities Handbook and CD

LMA Grant Training Series

The LMA Grant Training Series was developed for the LMA membership with the intend that every member should have access to grant training.  These 11 webinars will help to educate you on the fundamentals of grants.
    Work Plan
    Supporting Documents
    Project Planning
    Tips and Techniques
    Finding Grants
    Data and Research
    Grants Management
    Logic Model