Bill Status Report
06-01-2018 - 14:49:39

Track: High Priority   

HB 123 (1) Garofalo, Ray Prohibits a public body or official from filing suit against a person who has made a public records request. Became HB 723.
Bill History: 03-22-18 H Substituted by - see HB 723

HB 178 (1) Carter, Steve Constitutional amendment to remove the prohibition on the levy of taxes on motor fuel by local governments.
Bill History: 03-27-18 H Voluntarily Deferred in Committee House Ways and Means

HB 179 (1) Carter, Steve Constitutional amendment to authorize political subdivisions in certain parishes to levy taxes on motor fuel.
Bill History: 03-19-18 H Removed from hearing 03/20/18 House Ways and Means 

HB 230 (1) Berthelot, Johnny
Provides relative to investments by political subdivisions.
Bill History: 05-15-18 G Effective

HB 749 (1) Barras, Taylor
Provides relative to transportation network company requirements.
Bill History: 05-08-18 S Voluntarily Deferred in Committee Senate Judiciary A

HB 819 (1) Berthelot, Johnny
Authorizes additional methods for submission of certain public contracts.
Bill History: 05-23-18 G Effective

HB 900 (1) Abramson, Neil
Establishes the Louisiana Capital Outlay Revolving Loan Bank to provide financial assistance to local governments and political subdivisions for certain capital infrastructure projects. Substitute for HB 884.
Bill History: 05-30-18 G Vetoed: This bill is premature, this program would not be in 
effect until a constitutional amendment is passed by the
voters of Louisiana.

SB 148 (1) Morrell Constitutional amendment to require local government approval of the industrial property tax exemption.
Bill History: 03-21-18 S Returned to the calendar - subject to call

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