Bill Status Report
04-18-2018 - 21:28:10

Track: High Priority   

HB 123 (1) Garofalo, Ray Prohibits a public body or official from filing suit against a person who has made a public records request. Became HB 723.
Bill History: 03-22-18 H Substituted by - see HB 723

HB 178 (1) Carter, Steve Constitutional amendment to remove the prohibition on the levy of taxes on motor fuel by local governments.
Bill History: 03-27-18 H Voluntarily Deferred in Committee House Ways and Means

HB 179 (1) Carter, Steve Constitutional amendment to authorize political subdivisions in certain parishes to levy taxes on motor fuel.
Bill History: 03-19-18 H Removed from hearing 03/20/18 House Ways and Means 

HB 230 (1) Berthelot, Johnny Provides relative to investments by political subdivisions.
Bill History: 04-19-18 S Meeting set for At Adj. Rm. F Senate Local and Municipal Affairs 

HB 749 (1) Barras, Taylor
Provides relative to transportation network company requirements.
Bill History: 04-19-18 S Set on the Senate Orders

HB 819 (1) Berthelot, Johnny Authorizes additional methods for submission of certain public contracts.
Bill History: 04-17-18 S Referred to Senate Committee on Senate Transportation

SB 148 (1) Morrell Constitutional amendment to require local government approval of the industrial property tax exemption.
Bill History: 03-21-18 S Returned to the calendar - subject to call

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