Bill Status Report
06-30-2017 - 19:45:18

Track: Mandates/fees   

HB 58   Pugh, Steve
Provides that the water company for Tangipahoa Parish collect sewerage bills.
Bill History: 08-01-17 G Effective

HB 99   Carpenter, Barbara Provides for fees in certain civil matters relative to constables and marshals.
Bill History: 06-01-17 H Returned to the calendar - subject to call

HB 120   Jackson, Katrina
Provides for fees in civil matters.
Bill History: 03-15-18 G Effective

HB 249   Magee, Tanner
Provides relative to the payment of fines, fees, costs, restitution, and other monetary obligations related to an offender's conviction.
Bill History: 08-01-18 G Effective

HB 453   Abramson, Neil Provides relative to the annual notary public filing fee.
Bill History: 04-12-17 H Removed from hearing 04/13/17 House Civil Law 

SB 218   Appel Prohibits a governing authority from entering certain agreements without specific approval by ordinance of all affected governing authorities.
Bill History: 03-31-17 S Referred to Senate Committee on Senate Local and Municipal Affairs

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