Bill Status Report
06-01-2018 - 14:49:41

Track: Mandates/fees   

HB 137   Foil, Franklin
Provides relative to disposition expenses of certain deceased persons.
Bill History: 05-03-18 H Voluntarily Deferred in Committee House Judiciary

HB 319   Davis, Paula
Creates annual permits for ready-mix concrete trucks.
Bill History: 08-01-18 G Effective

HB 396   Stagni, Joe Increases individual sewage fees imposed by the office of public health.
Bill History: 04-03-18 H Failed to pass (Vote: Y: 42/N: 51)

HB 430   Shadoin, Rob Provides for the Sparta Groundwater Conservation District.
Bill History: 03-02-18 H Referred to House Committee on House Natural Resources and Environment

HB 455   Garofalo, Ray
Provides with respect to short-term rental dwelling and inspection by fire marshal.
Bill History: 05-18-18 S Returned to the calendar - subject to call

HB 478   Bacala, Tony Dedicates a portion of the state sales and use taxes on sales of motor vehicles for transportation projects based on a cost-benefit analysis.
Bill History: 05-11-18 H Returned to the calendar - subject to call

HB 524   Carpenter, Barbara
Requires policies prohibiting sexual harassment and annual training on preventing sexual harassment.
Bill History: 01-01-19 G Effective

HB 562   Emerson, Julie Establishes the Occupational Licensing Review Act. Became HB 748.
Bill History: 03-28-18 H Substituted by - see HB 748

HB 829   Hunter, Marcus Provides for public water supply testing by public water systems.
Bill History: 04-17-18 H Voluntarily Deferred in Committee House Health and Welfare

HB 846   Simon, Scott
Provides relative to water system testing at certain businesses which apply for or hold retail food permits.
Bill History: 08-01-18 G Effective

SB 154   Carter Adds to public employees required to meet peace officer training requirements, local personnel with limited authority for enforcement of a local sanitation standard code.
Bill History: 04-10-18 S Voluntarily Deferred in Committee Senate Judiciary B

SB 447   Barrow Requires annual sexual harassment training for all public servants.
Bill History: 04-18-18 S Voluntarily Deferred in Committee Senate and Governmental Affairs

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