Bill Status Report
06-30-2017 - 19:45:19

Track: Miscellaneous   

HB 237   Barras, Taylor
Extends the sunset for the Enterprise Zone Program.
Bill History: 06-14-17 G Effective

HB 292   DeVillier, Phillip Constitutional Amendment prohibiting various public actions relating to monuments, memorials, and artifacts.
Bill History: 03-30-17 H Referred to House Committee on House Municipal and Parochial Affairs

HB 466   Chaney, Bubba
Provides relative to animal control.
Bill History: 08-01-17 G Effective

SB 138   Riser Reduces the threshold for consulting services contracts to be competitively bid or negotiated.
Bill History: 05-15-17 S Meeting set for 10:00 A.M. RM. A-B Senate Finance    Video

SB 155   Carter Enacts the Louisiana Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
Bill History: 06-02-17 S Set on the Senate Orders

SB 198   Mizell Provides for legislative approval prior to the removal of monuments by local or political subdivisions.
Bill History: 05-31-17 S Involuntarily Deferred Senate and Governmental Affairs

SB 199   Erdey
Berthelot, Johnny
Allows public entities to borrow public equipment from each other without compensation.
Bill History: 06-12-17 G Effective

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