Bill Status Report
06-01-2018 - 14:49:40

Track: Public Records/Open Meetings   

HB 123 (1) Garofalo, Ray Prohibits a public body or official from filing suit against a person who has made a public records request. Became HB 723.
Bill History: 03-22-18 H Substituted by - see HB 723

HB 255   Falconer, Reid
Provides for a public records exception for certain records of the State Board of Architectural Examiners concerning the fitness of a person to receive or hold a license or certificate of registration to practice architecture.
Bill History: 05-10-18 G Effective

HB 270   Foil, Franklin
Exempts specified personally identifying information related to reports of violations of student codes of conduct or other policies intended for the safety of students or employees of postsecondary education institutions.
Bill History: 08-01-18 G Effective

HB 528   Henry, Cameron
Requires access to records and files for certain contracts to perform governmental functions.
Bill History: 05-18-18 H Passed Over on Final Passage

HB 555   Thomas, Polly Makes collective bargaining sessions between public employers and employees subject to the Open Meetings Law and Public Records Law.
Bill History: 03-20-18 H Removed from hearing 03/21/18 House and Governmental Affairs 

SB 34   Walsworth
Talbot, Kirk
Authorizes a city or parish school board or a parish governing authority to discuss economic development projects in executive session.
Bill History: 03-21-18 S Meeting set for 2:00 p.m. Rm. F Senate and Governmental Affairs    Video

SB 312   LaFleur
Berthelot, Johnny
Revises procedure regarding meetings to call an election to levy or renew taxes.
Bill History: 08-01-18 G Effective

SB 369   Barrow Provides that documents or records of an investigation alleging a form of sex discrimination involving a public employee of any public body are exempt from the Public Records Law.
Bill History: 04-11-18 S Meeting set for 1:00 P.M. RM. F Senate and Governmental Affairs    Video

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