Presentation Access for 2015 LMA Conference

(Please note that we are still updating this page and will update when we receive the PowerPoint's. If there is a particular workshop you are looking for that is not listed, please let us know.) 

Friday - July 31, 2015 Workshops

Session #1 - Moving The Needle! Building Your Community's Capacity for Economic Development
PowerPoint - Skip Smart
PowerPoint - Moving the Needle
No Handouts

Session #2 - Underground Utility Conflicts! Map It First Before you Pay in Change Orders
No PowerPoint

Session #3 - Show Me The Money! (TIFs N' Tools)
PowerPoint - Karyn Andrews
PowerPoint - Lacy Beasley
PowerPoint - Clarence Hawkins
PowerPoint - Clarence Hawkins
PowerPoint - Clarence Hawkins
No Handouts

Session #4 - Policeman's Bill Of Rights
No PowerPoint
No Handouts

Session #5 - Who Are You Calling Arbitrary? - Practical Advice on
Making Zoning & Subdivision Decisions to Meet Community
Interests Without Inviting Lawsuits

PowerPoint - Neil Erwin Law LLC "Land Use Decision Box" PowerPoint - Neil Erwin Law LLC "Who Are You Calling Arbitrary?"
Handout - Neil Erwin Law LLC "Who Are You Calling Arbitrary Paper"

Session #6 - Overcoming Wetland Mitigation Challenges

Session #7 - Crime Fighting
PowerPoint - Lt. John Sutton
No Handout

Session #8 - Blight Panel, Mayor Council View
PowerPoint - Belinda Constant
No Handout

Saturday - August 1, 2015


Session #9 - Cleanest City Program/Keep LA Beautiful
No PowerPoint

Session #10 - Infrastructure Planning
No PowerPoint

Session #11 - Legal Arsenal: The Troublesome Top 5 Nuisances of LA Communities and Your Legal Arsenal for Solving Them
PowerPoint Neil Erwin Law LLC "Top 5 Nuisances"
Handout - Neil Erwin Law LLC "Top 5 Nuisances Paper"

Session #12 - Downtown Revitalization
PowerPoint - Ben Dupuy
Handout - Main Street Matters
        Handout - Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Chart
        Handout - Louisiana CLG Process

Session #13 - Youth Councils
PowerPoint - Cindy Bishop
PowerPoint - Rebecca Heimstead
Handout - Guide to Creating Youth Councils
Handout - Mississippi Municipal League Council

Session #14 - Litter Enforcement
PowerPoint - Deputy Wayne Heckford
PowerPoint - Mike Daniels
Handout - Litter Enforcement
Handout - Leaders Against Litter Community Recognition Program
DEQ - Litter Ordinance Template and Handbook

Session #15 - The True Cost of Suburban Sprawl
No PowerPoint No Handout

Session #16 - LMA Solutions
PowerPoint - Cliff Palmer
PowerPoint - Bryan Barrios
No Handout

Session #17 - Historic District Development
PowerPoint - Ray Scriber
No Handout

Session #18 - Parish Municipal Leagues
No PowerPoint
No Handout