Attached please see below a Frequently Asked Questions on Duplication of Benefits that can serve as guidance for the recent floods.

From the FAQ introductory summary: “Louisiana homeowners, renters, businesses and communities have experienced extensive damages as a result of severe storms and flooding in 2016. Recovery assistance for these damages is available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Small Business Administration, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, private and NFIP flood insurance, state and local governments, charitable institutions, and other sources. However, it is critically important to understand that federal law prohibits any individual, business, or entity from receiving federal funds for any part of such loss, if that individual, business or entity has received financial assistance from any other program, insurance claim or other source. This is termed as a Duplication of Benefits, or DOB. In other words, you may not be eligible for certain federally funded programs if you have already received assistance from other federal or private sources in the amount that covers your damages.


Janice Lovett

Public Information Officer

Office of Community Development

Disaster Recovery Unit