Disaster Recovery Vendors


Contracted Vendors for Statewide Emergency Remediation Services:

Catastrophic Emergency Contracts for Region 1:


Servicemaster of Lafayette (primary – contract number 4400006651)

Huey H. Miller, Jr.  337-234-1289 or hueyjr@servicemasterrestoration.com

Fax: 337-234-2933


Guarantee Service Team of Professionals, Inc. (secondary – contract number 4400006652)

Johnny Wilson 225-753-8682 or 225-279-4216

Fax: 225-756-3910


According to information provided by State Purchasing, Per the contracts, if the primary does not respond within 2 hours of initial contact, the secondary may be used.  If neither responds, another company may be used.  Our resource list shows the following available companies:


Belfor USA Group

Judah Freeze 225-753-8820 or 800-856-3333


Blackmon Mooring

David Deaton 817-240-3116


Interstate Restoration

Kim Hartz 602-999-3619, Bailey Robert 214-234-6429, Chris Wiggins 817-219-9983


Other known vendors:


Document Reprocessors

Quintin Schwartz 585-259-5941

Contents Recovery Experts

Steve Garner



Toll Free: (888) 730-8310

Local: (630) 395-9570


Polygon (federal contract vendor)

Phone: 800-422-6379

Fax: 419-754-2012

Matt DeCirce 732-567-0440 or matt.decirce@polygongroup.com

Fax  732-225-1613 

Contract administration: David Richardson (david.richardson@polygongroup.com)

Contract Number: GS 10F-0027U

Contract Period: January 31, 2012 through January 30, 2017