If you have suffered damage or loss to records due to the recent floods, we have attached a link from the LMA website’s Disaster Recovery Section to very important information from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Archive Division on what to do about damaged records.  This link contains to procedures which need to be followed, how to prepare a damage assessment worksheet as well as a vendor list to companies that provide emergency remediation services to help with the damaged records.  This is very important information that you should review.  Also, if you  have suffered losses to or damage to your public records, please contact Carrie F. Martin to let her know you have been affected and if you need additional information:


Carrie F. Martin, CRM Records Management Officer Statewide

Louisiana State Archives

Secretary of State Tom Schedler

P.O. Box 94125, Baton Rouge, LA 70804


Phone (225) 925-7552

Fax (225) 922-1220