05-17-2024 - 20:14:45

Track: Mandates/fees   

HB 71   Horton, Dodie
Bass, Adam (F)
Requires the display of the Ten Commandments in public schools.
Bill History: 05-16-24 S Passed (Vote: Y: 30/N: 8)

HB 87   Echols, Michael Provides relative to liability arising from COVID-19 vaccinations.
Bill History: 05-07-24 S Vote failed in committee Senate Judiciary A 

HB 227   Muscarello Jr., Nicholas
Luneau, Jay
Provides for continuous revisions relative to civil procedure.
Bill History: 05-17-24 G Enrolled

HB 518   Knox, Alonzo Provides for civil penalties against an interactive computer service that books short-term rentals of property that is not in compliance with local ordinances.
Bill History: 05-01-24 H Returned to the calendar - subject to call

HB 778 (1) Bayham, Mike (F) Prohibits the imposition of penalties via unmanned automated speed enforcement devices in a school zone in certain circumstances. Substitute for HB 490.
Bill History: 05-16-24 S Returned to the calendar - subject to call

HB 871 (1) Henry, Chance (F) Provides for procedures for the collection of delinquent ad valorem taxes and statutory impositions, tax auctions, tax auction certificates, and the redemption of certain property.
Bill History: 05-13-24 S Voluntarily Deferred in Committee Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs

SB 490 (1) Cathey, Jr., Stewart Provides for distribution to governing authorities regarding certain excavations or demolitions of certain underground utilities.
Bill History: 05-20-24 H Meeting set for 10:00 a.m. Rm. 1 House Commerce 

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