BOAL August Training

BOAL August Training
2015 IBC Exterior Wall and Opening Protection (0.3 CEU)   2015 IBC and IRC Safety Glazing Provisions (0.3 CEU

2015 IBC Exterior Wall and Opening Protection

 This seminar addresses the various provisions in the IBC dealing with exterior wall design and construction. Although such walls are primarily regulated due to their location on the lot, many other additional requirements are set forth in the code. Exterior bearing walls are regulated by Table 601, while the use of exterior exit stairways, exit courts and exterior areas of assisted rescue will also typically mandate some degree of fire-resistance. Specific topics include:

  • Fire separation distance
  • Location on lot
  • Multiple buildings on the same lot
  • Type of construction
  • Combustible materials on exterior side of wall
  • Exit ways, including exterior exit stairways, exit courts, interior exit stairways and exterior balconies
  • Exterior areas of assisted rescue
  • Firewall termination

Course Objectives...

  • Identify differing concepts regarding fire protection requirements for exterior walls and openings
  • Identify conditions under which exterior walls and openings in such walls must be protected
  • Determine appropriate fire-resistance ratings and/or fire-protection ratings based upon various conditions


2015 IBC and IRC Safety Glazing Provisions

 This seminar examines the safety glazing requirements of the 2015 editions of the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC) and illustrates the application of the provisions in various scenarios. Coverage includes testing and labeling requirements, and examples of approved materials. The program identifies hazardous locations related to glazing in residential and commercial buildings, explores design choices in satisfying the code requirements, and analyzes examples of typical glazing installations for compliance with the safety glazing provisions.

 Course Objectives...

  • Identify the safety glazing provision in the IRC and IBC.
  • Describe testing and labeling requirements.
  • Apply the safety glazing provisions in plan review and inspection.
  • Identify hazardous locations related to installations of safety glazing.
8/14/2018 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
700 N. 10th Street Baton Rouge 70802

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