Brownfields Grantwriting Webinar Series #3

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Louisiana Brownfield Grantwriting Training Webinar Series:
Kickstart your Application!

New Dates & now Louisiana Focused!

Hosted by:

  • Louisiana Dept. of Environmental Quality (LDEQ)
  • Kansas State University's Technical Assistance to Brownfields Program (KSU TAB)
Sponsored by: Louisiana Municipal Advisory Technical Services Bureau (LaMATS)  
New Dates! Webinars will be held from 2p – 4:30p on the following Thursdays:
  • Webinar #1: May 21: Check all the Boxes!
  • Webinar #2: May 28: Project Area Description and Plans for Revitalization
  • Webinar #3: June 18: Community Need & Community Engagement
  • Webinar #4: July 9: Task Descriptions, Cost Estimates & Measuring Progress
  • Webinar #5: July 30: Programmatic Capability & Past Performance
  • Webinar #6: TBD when the new Guidelines are released: Updates to the new Request for Applications

Join us for the 2020 Louisiana Brownfield Grantwriting Training Webinar Series: Kickstart your Application! designed to provide step-by-step guidance to prepare you for the next EPA Brownfields funding competition. Based on previous Requests for Applications (RFAs) for Brownfield Assessment funding, each webinar will go over a section of the RFA and provide tips, tricks and insights as well as data and information resources to help you get a jumpstart on your next proposal. Learn from seasoned, successful grantwriters and KSU TAB grant reviewers how to craft an effective application and tell your story effectively and successfully! Click here for additional information on the content for each webinar. 
Note: This was formerly the nationwide 2020 Brownfield Grantwriting Training Webinar Series, which was posted on KSU TAB’s website. EPA decided to issue the Request for Applications in August this year with proposals due in October, so we are moving up our timeline accordingly – see revised dates above. Given the more compressed timeline and some other changes with EPA, we are also transitioning from a national webinar series to one that’s focused just on Louisiana. A smaller number of attendees will allow us to have increased interaction and make each webinar more of a workshop style event. LDEQ is still partnering with KSU TAB - we’re excited to have three KSU TAB grant reviewers as speakers as well as a successful grantee from Oklahoma City!
Please note that this is a training series. Each webinar will be roughly 2½ hours, including questions and answers. We’ll also include a list of concrete next steps to work on the section of the proposal covered in each webinar. There’s no getting around that applying for Brownfield funding requires an investment of both time and energy. We’re hoping these webinars will help you focus your efforts as well as spread the work of gathering data and information and coalescing it into a proposal over a longer period of time so it’s easier to fit into your work schedule. By attending these webinars and following the next steps, when EPA issues the next Request for Applications in August, you’ll have a jumpstart on your application!
Also note that this series will review the RFA for Brownfield Community-Wide Assessment funding and Coalition Assessment funding. Much of the information covered will also be applicable to applying for Multipurpose Grants and Cleanup Grants, but each of those funding types have specialized requirements that we won’t be going over in this series.

Workshop Registration: To register for the webinars, please send an email to with the following information (one email will register you for the entire series):
  • Your name
  • Company/ Organization
  • Physical Address
  • Email Address
The webinars are free but registration is required so we know who to send the log in information to for each webinar. If you registered on KSU TAB’s website for the nationwide Grantwriting Series, you are automatically registered!

For more information contact: We hope you can join us and position your community for Brownfield funding!


6/18/2020 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

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