LMA Unemployment Compensation Program

A cost
saving benefit for Louisiana Towns and Cities

The Louisiana Municipal Association-Unemployment Compensation Fund (LMA-UEC) Program was inaugurated in 1979 for the sole purpose of saving municipalities money on payments of unemployment compensation claims and/or taxes.   Participating members are provided the option of paying a quarterly tax contribution or to reimburse the unemployment trust fund only for the cost of benefit paid to your former employees.

Member Benefits

  • Pay a set rate 0.20 percent or one-fifth of one percent of total employee wages
  • Set rate is substantially lower than individual taxable employers rates
  • Options to pay quarterly or by reimbursement
  • Rebates prorated to each municipality based on contribution for year
  • Easy, simple, and exact budgeting for unemployment compensation
  • Eliminate the risk of high cost caused by budget cutting and the total liability for unemployment compensation claims

Join Today

Reimbursable Employer

  • Notify the LMA-UEC to join the group with only a 30-day notice.

Taxable Employer

  • Notify the Louisiana Office of Employment Security by December 1 to join for January 1.  This procedure will convert your entity to a reimbursable employer.

Unemployment Cost Solutions

This program is administered by the Unemployment Cost Solutions, a firm with an outstanding record of controlling unemployment compensation cost and handling matters relating to Louisiana unemployment compensation laws.

Save money by participating in the LMA’s UEC Group!

Contact Unemployment Cost Solutions at (225) 267-6390

Contact George Murphy , Chief Financial Officer, or (800) 234-8274 to enroll in the UEC group.

Join the LMA-UEC Group today