The LMA is a statewide member organization that advocates for all 303 municipalities and 2 parishes, to strengthen community development because we all call a village, town, or city "home".

 Governor Edwards Proclamation No. 10 (2/10/2016) 
 AG Opinion 15-0137 and Resolution (1/28/2016) 
   On behalf of the State Bond Commission (the “Commission”), you have requested an opinion from this office regarding an application of the Carter Street No. 1 Economic Development District (the “District”) to issue debt to purchase and develop multi
 Municipal Digest Fall/Winter 2015 (1/26/2016) 
   IRS quarterly report
 Inauguration Press Release (1/14/2016) 
   Wonderful weather was enjoyed while Louisiana swore in the 56th Governor John Bel Edwards and others. Excited for a positive future for this great state.
 Louisiana Model Litter Ordinance Handbook (2/1/2016) 
   This LDEQ guide is a fantastic resource that provides time-tested solutions for developing and implementing local litter control programs.
 Louisiana Fiscal Reform (12/22/2015) 
   This analysis was prepared by the Tax Foundation. You will find outlined in document the recommendation for the upcoming legislative session.
 2016 Mid-Winter
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