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LMGA Executive Committee Meeting12/7/2017Baton Rouge, 17LMGA10
LMGA Board of Directors Meeting12/7/2017Baton Rouge, 17LMGA4
2014 NEC Analysis of Changes12/14/2017BATON ROUGE, LA BOAL121417
Exhibitor/Sponsor LMA Mid-Winter Conference2/20/2018Baton Rouge, LA EXMW18
Mid-Winter Conference2/20/2018Baton Rouge, MW2018
LMA Executive Board Meetings2/20/2018, 1LMAEB18
LMCA 58th Annual Spring Conference3/1/2018Shreveport, LMCA18
NLC Congressional Cities3/10/2018Washington, DC United StatesNLC2018
LMA Executive Board Meetings5/3/2018, 2LMAEXB18
LMA Executive Board Meetings6/20/2018Baton Rouge, 3LMAEXB18
LMA Executive Board Meetings7/30/2018Lake Charles, 4LMAEXEB18
LMA Executive Board Meetings10/10/2018Baton Rouge, 5LMAEXEB18
LMA Executive Board Meetings12/5/2018Baton Rouge, 6LMAEXEB18