Listing of All Events

Sharing HR Solutions10/1/2018Baton Rouge, LA United StatesHR2018
BOAL 3 Day ICC Training10/2/2018New Orleans, LA ICC2018
LMA Executive Board Meetings10/10/2018Baton Rouge, 5LMAEXEB18
BOAL Executive Board Meeting10/16/2018Baton Rouge, BOAL101618
LMGA Executive Committee Meeting10/17/2018Baton Rouge, LA United States18LMGA9
LMGA Board of Directors Meeting10/17/2018Baton Rouge, LA United States18LMGA3
43rd Annual Louisiana Municipal Clerks Institute10/21/2018Baton Rouge, LA LMCI18
LMCA Institute Sponsorship10/24/2018Baton Rouge, EXLMCI18
LMA Executive Committee11/14/2018Baton Rouge, 18LMACOMM7
LMA Executive Board Meetings12/5/2018Baton Rouge, 6LMAEXEB18
LMGA Executive Committee Meeting12/6/2018Baton Rouge, LA United States18LMGA10
LMGA Board of Directors Meeting12/6/2018Baton Rouge, LA United States18LMGA4
LRPA Annual Conference1/21/2019Baton Rouge, LRPA2019
BOAL Executive Board Meeting1/22/2019Baton Rouge, BOAL012219