Listing of All Events

LMA Convention Sponsorship/Exhibitor Packages7/26/2017Shreveport, LA United StatesEX2017
LMA 80th Annual Convention7/27/2017Shreveport, LA, 80TH
2012 IPC Design Installation and Inspection Principals8/3/2017, BOAL080317
LMGA Utility Best Billing Practices8/9/2017Baton Rouge, LMGA08917
2017 ICC Annual Conference9/10/2017Columbus, OH, ICC_CONF17
LAMSA 28th Annual Fall Conferences9/13/2017Lake Charles, LAM
LMGA Executive Committee Meeting10/18/2017Baton Rouge, 17LMGA9
LMGA Board of Directors Meeting10/18/2017Baton Rouge, 17LMGA3
NLC City Summit (formerly Know As Congress of Cities)11/15/2017, NLCNOV
LMGA Executive Committee Meeting12/7/2017Baton Rouge, 17LMGA10
LMGA Board of Directors Meeting12/7/2017Baton Rouge, 17LMGA4