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The Louisiana Municipal Advisory and Technical Services Bureau (LaMATS) was established in 1999 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LMA.  It’s mission is simple…to bring economical and efficient services that assist the LMA membership with their day-to-day business.  LaMATS offers a variety of services and programs listed below:

Insurance Premium Tax Collection Program

The Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) collection program (annual and delinquent) provides a comprehensive service of managing all aspects of the annual IPT


Occupational License Tax Collection Program

The Occupational License Tax (OLT) program can administer all requirements of issuing your annual occupational licenses..


Delinquent Property Tax Sale

This innovative program will take the worry, work, and liability off of the municipality by providing a comprehensive delinquent property tax collection plan at no cost to the municipality.  


Labor Issues

LMA members have the opportunity to obtain excellent consultation on labor management and personnel issues from Labor Consultants Central, Inc.  This company provides two newsletters per year and up to one hour of services by telephone, fax, mail, or electronic mail to each member municipality. The firm provides expert guidance on a wide range of federal and state labor laws, rules, regulations, and policies, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, Davis-Bacon Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and others.

Don H. Strobel
(225) 664-2122

Franchise Agreement Assistance

LMA members can benefit from an agreement with the Bradley Firm, a prominent law firm in Shreveport, LA.  This firm provides cable, telecommunications, and electrical franchise consulting services to Louisiana municipalities at a reduced rate.  This endeavor makes expertise in these areas readily available as you and your city attorney work in these technical areas to produce a favorable franchise agreement for your municipality.

Jerry N. Jones
(318) 934-4002

Salary and Benefits Data via Survey Navigator

Survey Navigator is a free service provided to LMA members to provide accurate and current salary and benefits data for every municipal position.The Waters Consulting Group, Inc. is pleased to present SurveyNavigator™ - the most accurate and reliable pay and benefits resource on the web, developed specifically for the Louisiana Municipal Association (LMA).  This is a complimentary service to all LMA member cities and is supplied by the Association. With SurveyNavigator™, subscribers can obtain salary and benefits data for more than 60 position titles in seconds. Log on today and analyze salary and benefits data without the time-intensive collection process of the past.

LMA is one of the first municipal associations to offer this kind of one-stop interactive compensation and benefits tool and we are proud to provide you with this tremendous resource

Key Features

  • Free to all LMA member cities

  • 24 hour access to salary and benefits information

  • Instantly compare salaries to those of other Louisiana municipalities

  • Quickly obtain the percentage difference between a paid position in your organization in comparison to similar positions in other Louisiana municipalities

  •  Forecast salaries for positions in your municipality based on the current market trend analysis by aging the results of average salary data to a specified effective date.

  • HRToolKit includes 28 Sample job descriptions and performance appraisal forms.

  • Easily download data search results to Excel.

  • Save search criteria for later analysis.

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Capital Outlay Consulting

Capital Outlay Consulting service provides your municipality a free consultation with an experienced and seasoned expert in the field of applying for Capital Outlay grants.


Grant Research

Grant Research service provides free access to a renowned web-based grant research program.

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Cliff Palmer
Executive Director